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If you are a fitness or wellness professional, check out the packages below to list your service and get new clients.
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In listing my business on I need a trainer.com I expected to increase my presence on the Internet.  I didnít expect to get a phone call the next day from someone interested in training with me! 

The exposure that Iíve received from this website has made it worthwhile since day one, Iíve started many new clients in response to my listing on I need a trainer.com.  

Iím very happy with the listing but Iím even more impressed with the service Iíve received in regards to any questions Iíve had over the time Iíve been with I need a trainer.com.  I get a very fast response that is very helpful and appreciated.  Thanks so much!

Owner, Oakvilleís Imagine Fitness
Premium Plus Package

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** FPM gets you 10 times more exposure to potential clients!
** You will be FPM for a minimum of 1 month of your 12 month contract
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