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  Description: KORE - Fit Living is a revolutionary concept of Modern Health Boutiques that offer the BEST selection of SUPPLEMENTS & some of the biggest names in MMA/ATHLETIC APPAREL>>GASP, BETTER BODIES, HEADRUSH, and HAYABUSA<< ALL AT AFFORDABLE PRICES.  With the introductory launch of Consumer-centric showrooms in 3 of the country’s largest provinces, we're slated to spread our wings throughout the entire country. We invite you to Follow our link for daily deals at KORE FIT LIVING, and also keep in-touch on Facebook and Twitter (@korefitliving) for exciting forthcoming announcements. You never know when there will be a KORE near YOU!
  Website: www.korefitliving.com/dailydoorcrasher_en.php
  Description: The Lebert Equalizer is a simple, portable, yet multi-purpose and versatile piece of strength training equipment that works arms, chest, back and core muscles like no other can, using your own body weight as resistance...Click on the logo to purchase yours today!
  Website: www.easywebautomation.com/app/aftrack.asp?afid=1117487
  Description: Utilizing the Lebert Stretch Strap will train your muscle fibers to relax into the stretch in order to lengthen instead of shortening and not elicit the stretch reflex which may cause injury. It features a double loop system and fits ergonomically well with almost any body type...The Lebert Stretch Strap is a must to finish any training session, camp or class!
  Website: www.easywebautomation.com/app/aftrack.asp?afid=1117487
  Description: Using the Buddy System, two people - the buddies - operate together as a single unit so they are able to monitor and help each other. Boot Camps are hot and the tandem training provided by the Buddy System is perfect...It's also great for Personal Trainers and Coaches to keep engaged with their clients
  Website: www.easywebautomation.com/app/aftrack.asp?afid=1117487
  Description: In Knockout Fitness, the first boxing training book endorsed by the World Boxing Council, powerhouse husband-and-wife team Andy and Jamie Dumas map out a twelve-week workout schedule that combines cardio and strength-training to boost agility, build stamina, and condition muscles.
Click on the book to purchase today!
  Website: www.theonetwopunch.com
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